Best Plumbing Tips for Protecting Your Home from Mold

Mold isn’t something that you want to mess around with. Not only is it gross, but it’s a health threat. If you have mold, you need to contact your knowledgeable Rancho Santa Margarita plumber right away to figure out what is causing the problem and then a mold remediation company to safely remove it. Because mold is such a hassle it’s always best to prevent it in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to keep your home as watertight as possible.

Schedule Annual Leak Detection Service

Regularly scanning your home for leaks is a great way to catch little problems before they erupt, but not all leaks are discernable with the naked eye. Some of the most disastrous leaks are those that are in pipes we never see but are working every day. These pipes are beneath the foundation of your home and inside the walls. Hiring a plumber to perform annual electronic leak detection brings to light any problems that may not be visible. Of course, don’t wait for your yearly inspection if you suspect a problem. Hearing water rushing through the walls of your home or noticing a spike in your water bill are two clear indications that a leak is present.

Get Those Leaky Fixtures Replaced

That leaky shower head in your bathroom isn’t just an annoyance or even a water waster. It is a problem that leads to mold growth if left alone. The same goes for a leak kitchen faucet or bathroom tap. You may think that the water isn’t going anywhere but down the drain. However, in the case of leaky showerheads, it may be getting behind the walls and soaking the drywall. If you have a tiled shower and the caulk is cracking or missing, this is a real possibility. Get the fixture replaced as quickly as possible.

The Dangers of Mold

When mold is around, it causes a host of symptoms in people. From the worsening of existing allergies to aggravating asthma and respiratory problems, it’s a health concern. Even in healthy adults, it has the potential to lead to sickness. Black mold is especially dangerous.

Don’t put your health or your family members’ health at risk. Call Quick Step Plumbing & Drain Service to learn more ways to prevent mold from taking over your home. Schedule an appointment for one of our licensed plumbers in Rancho Santa Margarita to inspect your home for leaks and other signs of water damage. We have plumbers available right now!

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